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Bob is a "database-first" ORM. That means you must first create your database schema. Please use something like sql-migrate or some other migration tool to manage this part of the database's life-cycle.

There is also a generator for other schema definitions like Atlas' schema and Prisma's schmea.

Avaialable Drivers



  • Full model generation
  • Generates factories for easy testing
  • Extremely fast code generation
  • High performance through generation & intelligent caching
  • Uses bob.Executor (simple interface, sql.DB, sql.Tx, sqlx.DB etc. compatible)
  • Uses context.Context
  • Easy workflow (models can always be regenerated, full auto-complete)
  • Strongly typed querying (usually no converting or binding to pointers)
  • Hooks (Before/After Select/Insert/Update/Delete/Upsert)
  • Table and column filtering for generation
  • Custom struct tags
  • Raw SQL fallback
  • Cross-schema support
  • 1d arrays, json, hstore & more
  • Enum types
  • Support for database views
  • Supports generated/computed columns
  • Multi-column foreign key support
  • Relationships/Associations
    • Eager loading (recursive)
    • Automatically detects relationships based on foreign keys
    • Can load related models both by a left-join and a 2nd query
    • Supports user-configured relationships
    • Can configure relationships based on static column values. For example, (WHERE object_type = 'car' AND object_id =
    • Support for has-one-through and has-many-through.