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Bob Gen for MySQL

Generates an ORM based on a MySQL database schema


# With env variable
MYSQL_DSN=user:pass@tcp(host:port)/dbname go run

# With configuration file
go run -c ./config/bobgen.yaml

Driver Configuration

The configuration for the MySQL driver must all be prefixed by the driver name. You must use a configuration file or environment variables for configuring the database driver.

In the configuration file for MySQL for example you would do:

dsn: "user:pass@tcp(host:port)/dbname"

When you use an environment variable it must also be prefixed by the driver name:


The values that exist for the drivers:

dsnURL to connect to
outputFolder for generated files"models"
pkgnamePackage name for generated code"models"
concurrencyHow many tables to fetch in parallel10
onlyOnly generate these
exceptSkip generation for these

Example of Only/Except:

# Removes public.migrations table, the name column from the addresses table, and
# secret_col of any table from being generated. Foreign keys that reference tables
# or columns that are no longer generated may cause problems.
- name
- secret_col