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Related models are stored in the R field of the generated structs. For example, the related pilot of a jet will be jet.R.Pilot.

Relationshp Types

All relationship types have similar usage. The main difference is that to-one relations are mapped to a single struct while to-many relations are mapped to a slice.

Querying relationships

Querying related relationships start with a named method on the model.

jet, err := models.FindJet(ctx, db, 1)

// SELECT * FROM "pilots" WHERE "id" = $1
// $1 => jet.PilotID
jetPilotQuery, err := jet.Pilots(ctx, db)

In the above code example, jetPilotQuery is a TableQuery and has access to all the expected finishers:

  • One
  • All
  • Cursor
  • Count
  • Exists
  • UpdateAll
  • DeleteAll

Naturally, we can add mods to the query:

jet, err := models.FindJet(ctx, db, 1)

// SELECT * FROM "pilots" WHERE "id" = $1 LIMIT 20
jetPilotQuery, err := jet.Pilots(ctx, db, sm.Limit(20))

Modifying Relationships

  • InsertXXX: This inserts a new row and sets it as the related model

    // to-one
    jet.InsertPilot(ctx, db, &PilotSetter{...})

    // to-many
    pilot.InsertJets(ctx, db, &JetSetter{...}, &JetSetter{...})
  • AttachXXX: This attaches an existing model as a relation

    // to-one
    jet.AttachPilot(ctx, db, &Pilot{...})

    // to-many
    pilot.AttachJets(ctx, db, &Jet{...}, &Jet{...})

Bob generates 2 ways to load models:

  1. Preload: Load the relationship in the same query using a LEFT JOIN.
  2. ThenLoad: Load the relationship in an additional query using all the primary keys of the first.



At this time, Preload only works for to-one relationships.

models.PreloadJetPilot(opts ...psql.PreloadOption)

The mod function accepts options:

  1. OnlyColumns: In the related model, load only these columns.
  2. ExceptColumns: In the related model, do not load these columns.
  3. Loaders: Other loaders mods can be given as an option to the preloader to load nested relationships. This works for both other preloaders and then-loaders.
jet, err := models.Jets(ctx, db, 
psql.OnlyColumns("id"), // only selects "pilot"."id"
psql.ThenLoadPilotLicences(), // will load the pilot's licences



These will accept ANY SelectQuery mods.

// get the first 2 pilots
// then load all related jets with airport_id = 100
pilots, err := models.Pilots(ctx, db,