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Hooks are a way to perform actions before/after a model operation.

View Models have:

  • AfterSelectHooks

In addition, TableModels have:

  • BeforeInsertHooks
  • AfterInsertHooks
  • BeforeUpsertHooks
  • AfterUpsertHooks
  • BeforeUpdateHooks
  • AfterUpdateHooks
  • BeforeDeleteHooks
  • AfterDeleteHooks

These hooks run at the point one would expect from their naming.

Writing a Hook

A hook has the signature:

func myHook(ctx context.Context, exec bob.Executor, t T) (context.Context, error) {
return ctx, nil

The returned context is passed to the next registered hook and finally to the query.

Registering hooks

A hook can be registered with the Add method:


Skipping hooks

If you need to run a query without hooks, use the SkipHooks function:

// Hooks are skipped
userTable.Select(orm.SkipHooks(ctx), exec).All()