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Operators are methods on the dialect's Expression. There are a number of common operators shared by all supported dialects:

  • IsNull(): X IS NULL
  • IsNotNull(): X IS NOT NULL
  • IsDistinctFrom(y any): X IS DISTINCT FROM Y
  • IsNotDistinctFrom(y any): X IS NOT DISTINCT FROM Y
  • Minus(y any): X - Y
  • OP(op string, y any): X op Y -- for custom operators
  • EQ(y any): X = Y
  • NE(y any): X \<> Y
  • LT(y any): X \< Y
  • LTE(y any): X \<= Y
  • GT(y any): X > Y
  • GTE(y any): X >= Y
  • In(...any): X IN (y, z)
  • NotIn(...any): X NOT IN (y, z)
  • Or(y any): X OR Y
  • And(y any): X AND Y
  • Concat(y any): X || Y
  • Between(y, z any): X BETWEEN Y AND Z
  • NotBetween(y, z any): X NOT BETWEEN Y AND Z

The following expressions cannot be chained and are expected to be used at the end of a chain

  • As(alias string): X as "alias". Used for aliasing column names

See dialect documentation for extra operators